Victorian Fayre

William Barnes Society Fund-Raising Event to celebrate the life of William Barnes the Dorset dialect poet.

Saturday 24th February 2018

William Barnes Bibliography


  • Orra, a Lapland Tale. A short poem. 8vo, pp. 28, with four woodcuts by the author. Published by I. Clark, Dorchester.
  • Some Small Poems, and Poetical translations of Bion's Epitaph on Adonis, and some of the golden verses of Pythagoras


  • Several Short Essays, signed "Dilettante," printed to in the Dorset County Chronicle; also several


  • Sonnets and other Poems


  • The Etymological Glossary, or Easy Expositor for the Use of Schools and non-Latinists, wherein the greater part of the English words of foreign derivation are so arranged that the learner is enabled to acquire the meaning of many at once. Published in Shaftesbury by J. Rutter ; London, by Whittaker, Teacher, and Arnot. 1829.

1831 to 1841



  • A Catechism of Government in General, and of England in Particular. Bastable, Shaftesbury.
  • The Mnemonic Manual.


  • A Few Words on the Advantages of a more Common Adoption of the Mathematics as a Branch of Education. London : Whittaker and Co.


  • A Mathematical Investigation of the principle of Hanging Doors, Gates, Swing Bridges, and other Heavy Bodies. Dorchester : Simmonds and Sydenham.




1843 to 1849

  • Reviews of various books in magazines.




  • Outlines of Geography and Ethnography for Youth. Dorchester : Barclay, Cornhill. Price 3s. 6d.


1853 and 1854

  • Papers in the Retrospective Review. Yol. I. Art. 4. and " Population and Emigration at the beginning of the Seventeenth Century " " Anecdota Literaria," pp. 97 and 201. " Extracts from the Diary of John Richards, Esq." Art. 11. "Pyrrhonism of Joseph Glanvill."
  • Vol. II. (Feb.) Art 6. " Leland the Antiquary." (May) Art. 5. " Controversial Writers of Astrology." (Aug.) Art. 3. " Waterhouse and Fox on the Utility of Learning in the Church."






1861 to 1867





  • Coote's Neglected Fact in English History. July 1864.
  • A Guide to Dorchester. Published by Barclay, Dorchester.


  • Paper on Dorset. Read before the British Archaeological Society at Dorchester. Published in their Transactions.

1863 to 1867

  • Serial Articles in Ladies' Treasury to Christian Marriage. 1863.
  • Prinking. 1866.
  • The House. 1867.




  • Paper on the "Farm Labourer," and Employment of Women and Children in Agriculture. Written for the Government Commission. Printed in the Blue Book, Appendix, Part II., to Second Report.



  • On the Origin of the Hundred and Tithings of English Law. Read before the British Archaeological Association at Weymouth. Printed in their Transactions.










  • Pilsdon, pp102-105, Vol 7: Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club. 1886.
  • A Glossary of Dorset Speech. Partly printed, but never published, as the author's death prevented the final revisions.                                                                                                                                                                  




  • Dorsetshire Folklore by John Symonds Udal with Fore-Say by the late William Barnes. Hertford. Stephen Austins and Son Ltd. 1922.

Futher works by and about William Barnes: view online

A catalogue of the works by and about William Barnes
Stunpoll / stonehead / stunhead
Blockhead. Also a term for an old, half-dead tree

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Victorian Fayre William Barnes Society Fund-Raising Event to celebrate the life of William Barnes the Dorset dialect poet. Saturday 24th February 2018
What’s the point of William Barnes in 21st Century? For the many years of the dominance of Received Pronunciation (RP) it was easy to see William Barnes as an irrelevant eccentric. With more recent developments in linguistics, and a growing interest in national and regional diversity, it may be time for Barnes to reclaim his place as a significant figure in the world!! Dr Richard Bradbury will also discuss his more socially engaged prose works. Tuesday 27th March 2018
Annual Service of Remembrance of William Barnes Morning service, with dialect reading and wreath laying at William Barnes and and his daughter Laura grave Sunday 22nd April 2018
The Serpent and it’s Local Connections Come an listen to musician, Philip Humphries talk on the history and development of the strange bass wind instrument known as the 'Serpent' due to its curious shape. This talk will be interspersed with music and poetry. Tuesday 15th May 2018

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Come, so’s, an’ buy at Fancy Feäir Traditional Victorian Fayre, a William Barnes Society Fund-Raising event to celebrate the life of William Barnes, Dorset dialect poet Monday 19th February 2018
William Barnes and My Father Sam Jeffrey has very kindly donated The Poems of William Barnes Edited by Bernard Jones Vol 1 in Dorset Dialect and The Poems of William Barnes Edited by Bernard Jones Vol 2 in National English to the Society. Sunday 28th January 2018
John Blackmore captivates Society members Following the recent William Barnes Society Annual General Meeting, John Blackmore presented 'Music and Song' to the audience. Sunday 15th October 2017
Service of Remembrance to William Barnes On Sunday 8h October 2017 10:30am, at St Peter’s Church, Dorchester, the Morning Service to commemorate the anniversary of the death of William Barnes took place. It was followed by a wreath laying at the statute. Monday 9th October 2017

William Barnes by Llewelyn Powys

William Barnes by Llewelyn PowysWilliam Barnes by Llewelyn Powys Extract taken from Thirteen Worthies by Llewelyn Powys published in 1923


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