Morning Service of Remembrance

Morning church service to commemorate William Barnes death.

Sunday 8th October 2017

Old Dorset Dialect

The Dorset dialect is the dialect spoken in Dorset, a county in the West Country of England. Although it fell somewhat into disuse throughout the earlier part of the 20th century there are still many native Dorset folk that can render it well.

to glean the few apples left on the tree after intaking


Bumble Bee

autumn; to fall down is vall


hagridden in sleep, if not under the nightmare

a rude, home-made musical instrument, now given up

Kapple cow
a cow with a white muzzle

an image, scarecrow

the bottom and roots of a felled tree

a nog or knob of food

a pebble

to screw scramly about (of a man), to screw the limbs scramly as from rheumatism

Vinny cheese
cheese with fen or blue-mould

Vuz, Vuzzen
furze, gorse

a spider's web

A pebble

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Forthcoming events

Morning Service of Remembrance Morning church service to commemorate William Barnes death. Sunday 8th October 2017
Willam Barnes Society Annual General Meeting Followed by performances by John Blackmore entitled West Country Sound and Song Tuesday 10th October 2017
Keepen Up O' Chris'mas Festive celebrations in words and music. Refreshments: Christmas cake, chocolate log, mince pies and more. Tuesday 12th December 2017
Willam Barnes Society Members Annual Summer Lunch Willam Barnes Society Members Annual Summer Lunch Saturday 23rd June 2018

Latest news

Stock Gaylard Oak Fair 2017 Once again Members of the William Barnes Society were invited on August 27th to The Stock Gaylard Oak Fair. for the special event celebrating woodcraft, timber, conservation and the countryside. Monday 28th August 2017
Tea, Scones and Poetry William Barnes Society Poetry Readings and Cream Tea at Pine Lodge Farm Tea Rooms, Bockhampton, Dorchester. Sunday 16th July 2017
William Barnes Society 2017 Annual Summer Lunch The society annual Summer lunch took place on Saturday 24th June at Cerne Abbas Village Hall, Dorset. Tuesday 27th June 2017
An evening to celebrate the Life and Works of William Barnes As part of Sherborne Literary Festival, a celebration of William Barnes by members of the William Barnes Society at Raleigh Hall, Sherborne, Dorset. Friday 9th June 2017

William Barnes by Llewelyn Powys

William Barnes by Llewelyn PowysWilliam Barnes by Llewelyn Powys Extract taken from Thirteen Worthies by Llewelyn Powys published in 1923


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